Why Donate? Because at NKF AZ - Every Dollar Counts

Here at NKF AZ, 83 cents of every dollar you donate goes directly to our patient programs and services. To maintain the vital services we have provided in the state since 1963, we need your help.  Your generous gift (whether in the form of a cash donation, planned gift such as an IRA rollover or gift of stock, or used vehicle donation) to the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona is critical in bettering the quality of life for Arizonans suffering with kidney failure as well as helping us alert individuals to the increased risks of kidney disease.  

Please join us today and help make a difference in the life of those suffering with kidney disease. Thank you for your support!

Your Donation has an Impact!

  • Helps dialysis and transplant patients get to their appointments with free transportation services
  • Helps kidney patients receive medications, nutrition supplements, and dental care
  • Helps send kids with kidney disease to Camp Kidney, which provides them the camp experience they thought they would never have because of their complex medical needs. Camp Kidney allows kids to be kids while still receiving their treatments from on-site medical staff.
  • Helps provide Path to Wellness, a free community health screening that helps at-risk individuals to determine their kidney health status and connects them to healthcare resources.
  • And more!

Your Donation Qualifies for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit.

Receive a dollar for dollar tax credit on your Arizona state income tax return when you donate to the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona. Learn more by clicking here.

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