Path to Wellness Screenings

Saturday October 8th, 2022


We're excited to bring Path to Wellness back to communities throughout Arizona.

Next Screening: Saturday, October 8th | Society of St. Vincent de Paul


Path to Wellness is a free community health screening program provided by the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona in collaboration with local health organizations.  Screenings are held throughout the state of Arizona on a sponsored basis, and are open to the public.

Path to Wellness screenings provide free blood and urine testing, which is evaluated onsite is using point-of-care testing devices to assess the risk of diabetes, heart and kidney diseases. Those screened are also presented with chronic disease management education, an overall health assessment (weight, blood pressure, etc.) and a one-on-one consultation with a physician. 

For more information, call our main line at: (602) 840-1644. To volunteer for a Path to Wellness event, please contact Renee Hynds, Director of Patient Programs at OR sign up through the Volunteer Agreement

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