PTW Host Site Requirements

Host a Path to Wellness Screening Event

Would you like to bring a Path to Wellness free health screening event to your community?

Thank-you for your interest in hosting a Path to Wellness free health screening event. The National Kidney Foundation of Arizona works with community leaders all across the state to plan our free Path to Wellness health screenings. If you think your community would benefit from a screening, and you would like to host an event near you, we encourage you to submit a request. 

Please note, each Path to Wellness screening is a collaborative event, and hosts are expected to play an active role in numerous aspects of the event's planning, organization and promotion. To learn what is expected of an event host and the host site requirements, please read the detail list below.

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How are requests reviewed?

The National Kidney Foundation of Arizona reviews all requests and prioritizes requests in communities at high risk for kidney disease, especially those that are under-resourced. 

All new requests will be reviewed and applicants will receive a response within two weeks of their request. 

What is required to host a Path to Wellness screening?

The most successful screenings are those with strong promotion by the host site. Every screening host should plan to:

  • Aim to attract between 50 and 75 participants.*
  • Promote the screening in newsletters, bulletins, social media, and all other promotional platforms in use
  • Contact local organizations (partner organizations, religious institutions, community centers, senior centers, etc.) to invite their members and to ask for support in promoting the event.

NKF AZ will help you in your promotional efforts. We will provide posters, flyers, and a press release and media advisory (upon request), as well as help to promote the event in a multiple ways, including social media, and local print and media advertising. Specific promotional efforts will vary depending on location.

Physical requirements include:

  • Parking area for volunteers and participants
  • Large room indoors with access to electrical outlets and near bathrooms
  • 18- 20 six or eight ft. rectangular tables and 60-70 chairs
  • At least 1 large trash receptacle with staff to empty trash from screening event
  • Refrigerator space (approximately 2 cubic feet) to store temperature controlled testing supplies
  • Volunteer break area away from screening room

Staff and volunteers: information and requirements

The NKF AZ provides the staff to coordinate the planning leading up to the event, as well as manage the event on-site. In addition, volunteers are needed to run a successful event.

Typically, the following volunteers are recruited by the host site:

  • 8 - 10 technical/medically trained volunteers*

responsibilities may include blood draw, POC device handling, manual blood pressure, physical measurement, etc.

  • 13 - 15 general volunteers

responsibilities may include registering participants, data input, supply runner, etc.

  • 3 - 4 translators (if necessary)

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