NKF Connects Kidney Donors and Potential Donors Through New Peer Support Program

New York, NY – The National Kidney Foundation has expanded their peer mentoring program, NKF Peers, to include living kidney donors and those considering donation.

The NKF Peers program will now match donors and prospective donors with trained peer mentors who have already gone through the organ donation process, providing a place for altruistic individuals to discuss concerns and address questions.  

“With input from living donors, kidney patients and professionals, we’ve identified a need for more direct support to people who are thinking about donating a kidney,” said Kelli Collins, Senior Director of Patient Services at the National Kidney Foundation. “Our peer mentors will share their experience and perspective with those who are considering living kidney donation or who are seeking support after donating a kidney.”

For over 4 years, NKF Peers has been successfully matching kidney patient mentors with other patients who are in stage 4 kidney disease, on dialysis, or have received a transplant. The expansion of NKF Peers for living donation uses the same model; participants are connected one-to-one with a peer mentor through a toll-free phone system which protects their private number and avoids long distance charges.

NKF Peers for living donation was developed in collaboration with living donors and professional Living Donor Advocates.  The training process for peer mentors is conducted through a series of conference calls where a variety of topics are presented and discussed, including: confidentiality, empathy, active listening, and starting, maintaining and ending a peer relationship. NKF vets potential mentors by individual assessment, group training and written assessment.

“Most importantly, our trained peer mentors have already gone through the process of living organ donation, which makes them uniquely qualified to speak with others who have donated a kidney, and those considering living donation,” said Collins.

To learn more about NKF Peers, call 1-855-NKF-PEERS (855-653-7337), email nkfpeers@kidney.org, or visit www.kidney.org/patients/peers.

Publication Date

Thursday, October 29, 2015
Originally published by NKF National via www.kidney.org