Raul's Story

Raul is a 38 year old construction worker on dialysis. His work hours were cut because of the economy and drop in the housing market and he is bringing in less money to support himself. He lost his medical insurance and although he enrolled in Medicare, he can’t enroll in Medicare Part D until January of next year. His medications have now become a financial burden as well.

Raul lives in a rented mobile home. He is planning to trade in his truck and purchase one with lower monthly payments and better gas mileage. He is hoping this change and a promised increase in working hours will help him meet his financial needs in the future but right now he does not have sufficient funds to pay his $400 rent bill. Raul has applied for assistance at three local agencies but he was denied due to lack of funds.

Raul applied for rent assistance from the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona and was approved. A check was sent to his landlord and Raul feels that “thing are looking up now.”