Why You Should Donate

Having difficulty selling your vehicle? Are your insurance premiums too high? Are your vehicle’s much-needed repairs too costly? Consider turning your old vehicles into charitable donations by donating them to the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona, where donating a vehicle could mean saving a life. Our Kidney Keys Program is quick, easy and comes at no cost to you.

Key Advantages to the Program

  • Fast, FREE towing (including emergency towing)*
  • IRS-approved receipt
  • Tax-deductible donation**
  • In-house Notary
  • Can tow from a repair shop
  • Complete, accurate AOT title transfer
  • Accepts cars, trucks, Rvs, boats, etc. — running or not

The Kidney Keys Program for charitable donations of cars, boats, and other vehicles, is the single greatest source of funding for our patient programs. Your charity car or charity boat (or as we call them "Kidney Cars" and “Kidney Boats”) or other donating vehicle will allow us to continue providing free community kidney health screenings, public education and emergency assistance to patients in all five stages of kidney disease and their families. Your donation gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you have contributed to improving the lives of others. Thank you for considering charitable vehicle donation with the National Kidney Foundation, where to donate a vehicle is a simple and easy process.

On behalf of the thousands of Arizonans suffering from kidney disease, thank you for your generosity.

* Upon receipt of vehicle donation documents
** Consult your tax advisor

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